About Amani

The journey from Philly to Taos

Amani Yoga - AmaniworksI grew up in an Italian Catholic neighborhood in Philadelphia riding my banana seat bike up and down the streets and playing jump rope games until our mothers called us in for dinner. I was always the happiest when I was running or praying and I suppose that is true for me today. I studied horticulture at Penn State and joined the Peace Corps in Tanzania as soon as I graduated. After 5 years in Africa I ventured to India and discovered yoga and meditation. I returned home, moved to Oregon, joined a commune, and studied massage, yoga, and herbal medicine. After 5 years of rusting in the rain, I decided to seek out some sun, get married, and move to Taos. I have been in New Mexico 18 years as a licensed medical massage therapist and a Kripalu certified yoga instructor. I am currently in graduate school getting my masters in professional and school counseling with the vision of bringing mindfulness and yoga to the high schools in Taos.
And the journey continues on…

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